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OUR STORY: start quote...Well, no one told us that we couldn’t...end quote

The Glazed story is one of hard work, ambition, and a little bit of insanity. One day in late 2010, while craving something sweet, delicious, and a little different, Culinary Institute of Charleston graduate and aspiring chef Allison Smith had an epiphany:

start quoteWhy don’t I open a doughnut shop? It’s just what Charleston needs!end quote

She brought the idea to her boyfriend, Mark Remi, and the two of them began sketching out a plan to bring an exciting twist to the Charleston dining scene. When the two of them brought the idea to friends and family, they were overwhelmed by the support they received. According to Mark:

start quoteFrankly, we expected and even sort of hoped that someone would tell us why this was not a good idea and bring us to our senses. Ultimately, no one told us that we couldn’t do it. Before we knew it, we were building a doughnut shop and testing recipes by the dozen!"end quote

Several months, hundreds of hours, and dozens of bags of flour and yeast later, Glazed is a reality. Allison & Mark

At Glazed we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently while remaining true to that incredible taste that we all love, so whether you are craving a perfect yet simple glazed doughnut or something special like our red pepper cream cheese masterpiece. We are confident that you will love what you find at Glazed.

We use as many local ingredients as possible and grow many of our own herbs and berries in our garden right behind the shop. We are a family run company, and we are from right here in the lowcountry.

So the next time you are in the mood for something amazing, stop by and grab a Glazed doughnut; we are confident you will come back for more!

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